Products I’m Loving Right Now: Spicy Drinks

Happy Wednesday! To get you through this weeks’ “hump” I’m sharing with you all some spicy product finds that I think are pretty awesome. If you’re like me and can’t get enough heat, even during the dog days of summer, then you’ll appreciate these little nuggets of information to satisfy those cravings. Truth be told, a little spicy food in the summer can actually help keep you cool and I think this one will do the trick.

I found these spicy juice drinks from Prometheus Springs, a company that makes a wide range of spicy drinks for all palates. According to their company’s website they launched a few products like Pomegranate Black Pepper, Lychee Wasabi and Lemon Ginger back in 2009. I didn’t find any of those which sound amazing but did come across their Mango Chili and Spicy Pear at Elm’s Health on 7th Ave in NYC.

The Mango Chili has at least 30% juice blend which is key since you don’t really get a strong mango taste but it’s there and the chili, oh you’ll feel it all right! The spice gets you at the back of throat and has a nice slow burn. Not too spicy for me but for anyone not used to eating spicy foods you’ll definitely be taken aback by it. The Spicy Pear is a bit milder than the mango in heat but not by much.

I’m a huge fan of mangoes but with these drinks I preferred the pear. They’re both very light and refreshing though and great summer drinks. These would be perfect mixed in cocktails like a spicy vodka martini or with tequila and ice, so nice!

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