Spicy Lollipops Shop

Welcome to my spicy lollipops & candy shop! Hot Lollies are handmade lollies and candies made with tropical fruit purees and some of the hottest peppers available.ย  They’re the perfect treat for spicy food lovers and anyone craving a spicy kick. Each lollipop is individually package and tied with ribbon. Lollies come in packs of 5 for each of the flavors and in a variety pack too. The hard candies are great for just popping in your mouth and come in small tins.ย  Just click on any of the items below and you’ll be directed to my Etsy shop.

Available in the following flavors: Ghost Tamarind, Mango Habanero, Chile Coconut, Turmeric/Ginger Spice

Coming Soon: Guava Fire made with Carolina Reaper pepper!

Our Lollipops do not contain any artificial food coloring, flavor or preservatives and should be consumed within 3-4 weeks to maintain shape and freshness.