Spicy Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich made with Slowcooker Pork Roast

This is another dish I made with the pernil (pork roast) I made the other day. The thing about making roasts is either you better have several people around to help eat it all or be prepared to have it for days. I ate it for about 3 days straight then I froze some and gave some away. I still have some in the freezer for a pozole that I want to make. A couple of days ago I showed you the spicy pork tacos I made and here is the spicy pulled pork BBQ hero. I was so excited I forgot to take a nice picture for you so here it is after I bit into it! Newbie blogger mistake but you get the picture, right?

Once you make the roast, everything else is so easy. I basically took a fork to a nice chunk of meat and shredded it. I added my favorite BBQ sauce, Brothers Gold BBQ sauce, added a little extra hot sauce and that was it! This would make a great weekday dinner with a side salad, actually, it would be great anytime!

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich
Pork Roast, pulled apart
Brothers Gold BBQ sauce
2 tsp Cholula hot sauce

Mix pork, BBQ sauce, hot sauce and pile on a crusty roll, done.