A Smorgasbord of Mexican Foods in a Southern Florida Flea

I was in the West Palm Beach area a couple of weeks ago and found a little gem of a place off of Forest Hills Blvd. If you’re in the area make sure you stop by the Sunshine Flea Market for great authentic Mexican foods like tacos, tostadas, tamales, pozole, menudo, you name it, they have it. It’s a typical flea market of steeply discounted clothes, jewelry, Mexican sweets, and other services but I came for the Michelada. I was told Juanita’s had one of the best in the area and they weren’t kidding! A Michelada is made with beer, spices, tabasco sauce and served in a salt rimmed glass. If you haven’t had one yet put that one on your list.


I picked up a bowl of spicy roasted corn with a squeeze of lime, crema, cheese, ground chiles and drizzled with hot sauce, the perfect street food.



Even though there was great looking food around, I was on a hunt for spicy candy and found plenty of it! Mexican candy is spicy, sweet, tart and addictive! Here are a few you can find here at the flea.




The sales lady laughed when I asked if this was a chicken flavored lollipop! I don’t get why this wrapper has an image of a roasting chicken but this was my favorite. The right blend of sweet, sour and spicy…and no chicken!!


These spicy mango lollipops were a little too sour for me but you might like them. They’re coated with chile powder too!


The flea market is in a nondescript strip mall area which cannot be seen from the street but it is next to El Bodegon supermarket. If you go during the weekend be prepared to deal with the crowds and kids running everywhere. People go there to shop but also go there to hang out with their families, surely for the food, candy and snacks! So if you go on a Sunday looking for pozole, get there early, if not I’m sure you’ll find some other delicious treat!

New Lollipop Flavor just for Valentine’s Day

Hi all, been working on a new lollipop flavor for Valentine’s Day that I think you all will love! Cinnamon Spice lollipops have a nice spice flavor and come with a little cinnamon candy heart. The lollipops are made with cinnamon sticks and hot, spicy cinnamon candy which also give them their lovely pink color. A perfect treat for your special Valentine or just get them for all your friends! Lollipops are now available at my Etsy shop!!


New and Improved Lollipops

Here they are, the new and improved lollipops! After carefully considering all the feedback received from you all I’ve decided to change the lollipops a bit. Instead of pouring free hand I’m now using molds which means more candy for you. I liked the organic shape and appeal of the older lollies but found them to be too thin and fragile and shipping those was a nightmare! I never felt comfortable sending no matter how well I wrapped them. Now you’ll have a thicker lollipop, 1/2 inch thick, which are less likely to crack, and I’ll have peace of mind! You’ll also get more licks for your buck and that’s a nice deal, no?


I’ve also added a little more heat to the sweet candy and more ginger too as you can see above. Each batch will have more tiny bits of chile pepper to give you that extra¬† punch. Also, all the ingredients are natural and I still do not use any artificial flavors or colors. I currently have the following listed in order of heat intensity:

  • Ghost Tamarind
  • Mango Habanero
  • Chili Coconut
  • Ginger Spice

The ginger spice is the only one made without chilies and the mildest of the bunch. It’s for those who like a little bite with not much heat. These are all available in my Etsy shop.¬† I’m also working on new flavors like lychee wasabi and spicy lime! The lollipops can also be personalized as party favors for your special event. Also, I’m running a special for the entire month of December, get 25% off of your order by entering Holiday25 at checkout. Please visit my shop for more details.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season!