Recipe Roundup: Spicy Side Dishes

With Thanksgiving only a couple of weeks away I thought I’d share with you a few great ideas for spicy side dishes! If you’re like me and attending a Thanksgiving dinner rather than hosting one then you’re probably thinking about what to bring to this year’s gathering. Our family dinners are huge, usually 20+ people so everyone chips in and brings a dish which makes it so much easier for the host. One of these days I’ll host Thanksgiving dinner and make a spicy turkey! Ha! The familia would never go for it but they will go for a couple of interesting side dishes that will add a little zing to the meal, you know, keep things interesting! These spicy sides dishes below are a great place to start, not too hot but a great balance to your Thanksgiving meal and guarantee you an invite next year! πŸ™‚


1. Spicy cornbread and sausage stuffing from Rachael Ray. 2.Β From yours truly, I had to throw in my spicy pan roasted brussel sprouts! You can never go wrong with these Hot Lollies favorite. 3. I can’t wait to try these spicy roasted acorn squash wedges from Laa Loosh. 4.Β Fiery kale with garlic from The Kitchn. 5. Grilled jalapeno potato salad from Serious Eats.