Etsy Finds – Gifts For The Spicy Food Lover

Still looking for gifts for that spicy food lover in your life? Etsy is a wonderful marketplace for finding handmade and vintage gift items. I perused the site for cool gift ideas for the spicy food lover and picked a handful that I thought you would enjoy unwrapping!

Etsy finds 1_2

1. This Mortar and Pestle is perfect for grinding spices and chile peppers. It’s a must in every foodie’s kitchen! This one is handmade and one of a kind from the Mary Carol Perez shop. 2. How about spicy hot mustard to slather on warm pretzels? This hot little number has one of the hottest peppers in the world and surely a little will go a long way. Spicy ghost pepper mustard from Evolutionary Farms.

Etsy Finds 3_4

3. Spicy chocolate sweets are always a nice little treats. Get these Chile cake ball sampler from Cake Works by Jen or some of her other spiced cake balls. 4. These letterpress cards are so sweet! Chile lights Christmas card from Letterpress Light.


5. Now for the real Sriracha fans, how about this Sriracha iPhone case from Expresso Print?

Well happy shopping! If you can’t find that perfect gift then give the gift of time! Time spent with friend and family enjoying a nice home cooked meal is sometimes all you need!

Hope you all have a happy holiday!!

New and Improved Lollipops

Here they are, the new and improved lollipops! After carefully considering all the feedback received from you all I’ve decided to change the lollipops a bit. Instead of pouring free hand I’m now using molds which means more candy for you. I liked the organic shape and appeal of the older lollies but found them to be too thin and fragile and shipping those was a nightmare! I never felt comfortable sending no matter how well I wrapped them. Now you’ll have a thicker lollipop, 1/2 inch thick, which are less likely to crack, and I’ll have peace of mind! You’ll also get more licks for your buck and that’s a nice deal, no?


I’ve also added a little more heat to the sweet candy and more ginger too as you can see above. Each batch will have more tiny bits of chile pepper to give you that extra  punch. Also, all the ingredients are natural and I still do not use any artificial flavors or colors. I currently have the following listed in order of heat intensity:

  • Ghost Tamarind
  • Mango Habanero
  • Chili Coconut
  • Ginger Spice

The ginger spice is the only one made without chilies and the mildest of the bunch. It’s for those who like a little bite with not much heat. These are all available in my Etsy shop.  I’m also working on new flavors like lychee wasabi and spicy lime! The lollipops can also be personalized as party favors for your special event. Also, I’m running a special for the entire month of December, get 25% off of your order by entering Holiday25 at checkout. Please visit my shop for more details.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season!

Etsy Finds: Art and Photography

I’ve been searching around for a couple of art or photography pieces for my kitchen, specifically art featuring food, chile peppers, or marketplaces. Every time I came across art work featuring chile peppers it was either too kitschy or just down right tacky. So I searched around my trusty site Etsy found these wonderful paintings and photographs. Now all I have to do is pick one…or two!

Mexican Folk Art painting from Goddess Gallery.  I absolutely love this painting. The colors are vivid, earthy and women gathered are painted beautifully. To me it presents strength, support and how we tend to soothe one another or celebrate with food. The bond between the women here is simply powerful.

Food photography from David Ryan Photography. I want to squeeze this photo, bite into it! These lime slices look so succulent and juicy all I can think about is making some margaritas right now!

You must see all of David Ryan’s photo collection. The food photographs are vivid, sharp, and makes you want to reach out and grab them! These bright chile peppers would look great in my kitchen!

Jack Atkins Art This bright red chile pepper ristra hanging on blue door is simply gorgeous! I love the color combination.

Love Beneath the Chili Pepper Tree by En Rouge. This one here, well, simply because it’s adorable…don’t know of any peppers that grow on trees like this but aren’t these birds sweet?

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed selecting them!