My Evening at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival

I attended the the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival this past weekend in NYC and what a booze fest it was! I see why they list each in that order because there was much beer and bourbon to be had and just a few BBQ stations. Had loads of fun sampling and even though it wasn’t a spicy food event there were some spicy finds in the mix. Here are a few photos from the event…

This fest is touring the US so check their 2012 calendar and plan to get there early since sessions fill quickly. By the time I got there the food lines were snaking through the venue and the wait was  anywhere from half hour to over an hour. There will be plenty of beer and spirits pouring throughout the night with very short lines so get your food first and try not to get too distracted by that or any of the other yummy goodies like beef jerky and hot sauces! I tried Torchbearers Sauces The Rapture 2.0 sauce made with the Butch Scorpion pepper, now the hottest in the world, and let me tell you, this is one angry, explosive pepper! But I must say, the flavor was actually pretty good, once the coughing stopped. Another gem was Oregon Trail Red Hot Chili beef jerky shown below. Not sure if they’ll be there for the other scheduled festivals but others to try are the sweet habanero and teriyaki beef jerky.

I accidentally snapped that photo below left and couldn’t stop laughing when I saw what was peeking behind the random dude. Hilarious! Oh, and that’s me below trying to eat around the slab of fat I was served, sorry but  I don’t do chunks of fat! Ever since belly fat became this delicacy a few years ago everyone thinks they can serve a plate of it…just meat please, thank you.

So all in all it was good times. How can you not enjoy tasty foods, good friends and unlimited pours of beer? There were other master distillers on hand for tasting seminars as well as butchering demos but was stuck in lines most of the time…good thing there were beer booths set up along the way! Next time I’ll follow my early arrival, food first strategy.

Oh, and special Thanks to the folks over at Time Out NY for offering this awesome tickets package giveaway that I was lucky enough to win!! I never win anything! I think my luck is turning, 2012 is going to be a great year!