Products I’m Loving Right Now: Infused Olive Oils

I got this infused olive oil as a birthday gift last month and have been using it on practically everything. I’ve made my eggs with it, drizzled it on bread, sauteed brussel sprouts, pan fried my black bean veggie burgers (so good!), fried wontons, you name it. This will even be good drizzled on salads and fish. It’s one of those versatile oils that can be substituted when ever you want to add a pop of flavor. This olive oil is bright with citrus notes and not exactly spicy at first but give it a few seconds and the heat blossoms in your mouth! My initial thought was “another dud” like so many products out there jumping on the spicy foods bandwagon and failing to deliver but this infused olive oil doesn’t disappoint.

Citrus Habanero Olive Oil from Olive-n-Grape

You can’t buy these online yet since company is working on their online presence but you can call them directly and order over phone or take a drive to New Hope, PA if you’re in the area. New Hope is such a gorgeous, picturesque village that you can make it a day trip and enjoy the other specialty shops and restaurants. I’ve been there in the Fall during the changing leaves and it’s breathtaking.