I remember a trip I took to Mexico about 13 years ago that got me hooked on spicy sweets. I picked up some random candy from a market in Cancun and it had this amazing spicy kick to it. A bit surprising but the flavors worked. Don’t get me wrong, I already had a love affair with spicy foods, my favorites being Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Indian curries, and spicy salsas but the sweet and spicy combination in a candy was very new to me. It was some random homemade brand I picked up and just remember the amazing flavor of sweet candy followed by the nice heat of the pepper. Apparently spicy candy was very common in Mexico but very hard to find in the Northeast. Those candies I did find just didn’t measure up; some were too grainy, too artificial or not spicy enough. Over the years I’ve been finding more chilies in chocolates, baked goods and have been experimenting with my own concoctions, like spicing up brownies, sprinkling Cheyenne pepper in hot cocoa, and finally decided over a year ago to make my own spicy sweets to satisfy this little addiction of mine. I figured if I couldn’t find what I wanted then it was time to make my own and that’s how Hot Lollies was born.

My lollipop flavors are heavily influenced by my Caribbean background. My all time favorite fruit is the mango and knew I had to make a spicy mango lollipop. Mangoes go so well with hot peppers. Just sprinkle little dash of chili powder on a sweet, ripe mango or substitute tomatoes for mangos in a salsa…great over grilled chicken, fish or with tortilla chips. So my first lollipop was the Mango Habanero where I used mango puree and habanero chili pepper. The sweetness of the mango puree pulls you in while the heat of the habanero develops after a few licks.

I also make Coconut Chili made with pure coconut milk and Ginger Spice, made with ginger root using various types of chilies like habaneros, Thai chili peppers, and jalapenos. I’m also working on another flavor using the one of the hottest chilies in the world, yes, you guessed it, the Bhut Jolokia, also known as Ghost Chili pepper. All my lollies are available for sale in packages of 3 for $7.50. Just let me know what flavors you like, where I can ship them and what you think!