Spicy Appetizers for the Superbowl, Some Healthy, Some Not, But All Amazing

Here are six spicy starters for this weekend that I think are just great! These will definitely raise the heat level at your Superbowl party and will keep both sides happy no matter who they’re rooting for. A couple you’ll recognize as Superbowl classics with a different spin and a few others are snack size Ethnic favorites to keep things interesting. Hope you enjoy!

Spicy Roundup 1

1. Roasted jalapeno popper potato skins from Iowa Girl Eats

Spicy Roundup 2

2. Tandoori chicken burgers from Baked Bree   3. Zucchini harissa herb pizza from Om Nom Ally

Spicy Roundup 3

4. Thai pork meatballs and sweet chili sauce from Foodess  5. Sweet and spicy chicken wings from My Baking Addiction  6. Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos from I Breath, I’m Hungry