Happy Valentine’s Day

There used to be a time when I hated Valentine’s Day, yes really hated it. Surely because my high expectations for that day left me disappointed for some reason or another but mostly because it’s so commercialized and shoved in our faces soon after the new year. All the roses, chocolate boxed hearts and the reds and pinks that line the store aisles can get a little nauseating. To me it’s so much more meaningful to spend quality time with your partner or friends and instead of spending incredible amounts of money trying to impress them, impress them with a homemade dinner, a little hand written note and if you want to give a gift, give something handmade and get crafty wrapping it. Just the thought of someone taking the time to make something with their own hands or even buying something handmade is so heart warming.

Enjoy your lovely day and Happy Valentine’s, how ever you choose to celebrate it!!!



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