Mexico on my mind: Bright Inspirations

I’ve been meaning to make it down to Mexico for a while now and been wanting to visit Oaxaca, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Frida Kahlo’s old stomping grounds. I day dream of the sights, the sounds, the food, the blazing sun on my back, the drinks…a girl can daydream no? I could just book a trip and be really irresponsible but I have so much work to do here before I can really getaway. So right now I’ll just settle for my little web-escapes….Pinterest, Trip Advisor, Food Gawker! ha!

So here are my fresh finds…things that remind me of my previous trips to Mexico and things that just make me want to go back…

I want to sip my morning cup of Joe here, with a little milk, cinnamon and nutmeg please! Love the bright colors and gorgeous view…ok, go book your trip! This one here is the Villa Mandarinas in Puerto Vallarta, photo from Around the World Villas

These gorgeous flags always transport me to Mexico and this lovely Etsy shop, Ay Mujer, has really taken it to the next level! They personalize them!

Are these awesome cookie designs or what? Love the details and colors inspired by Dia de Los Muertos! You can get these and many other Mexican inspired cookies at Sweet Sugarbelle

The colors and patterns remind me of Mexican textiles…just follow link for instructions on how to make your own friendship bracelet from Honestly WTF.

I gotta have this Opal Clutch from Mar y Sol! Love the thin gold thread and the wooden closure…the stripes remind me of a burst of sunshine…perfect for a vacation.

Last but not least, we have to have a little spice and thought I’d share this great recipe for hot sauce. This one is made with habanero peppers so it’s quite hot. Seed your peppers and remove the membranes if you want more flavor than heat. This one is from Lottie and Doof.

Hope you were able to escape with me, if only for a little while. This just makes me want to pack a bag but instead I’ll do the next best thing and make you something spicy and inspired by Mexico! As I mentioned in my last post, this month is all about Mexico!


  1. reading this blog makes me want to take the next flight out! Viva Mexico!!!

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