What I’m Snacking On Right Now

All this cyber shopping gives me the munchies so I like having a snack around for those late night impulse buys. This past weekend was a huge shopping weekend in the US but I like shopping in the comfort of my couch, so much easier with drink in hand and snacks! Also, there was no way I was going out on Black Friday…well actually I did…I went out and got doggie treats for Diego, and hard cider and these Haldiram’s Bombay Mix treats for me! It’s what I’m snacking on right now.  These crunchy, mildly spicy snacks are great and hit the spot when you just want something spicy to munch on. You can find them at any Indian grocery store, your supermarket’s Asian food section or Amazon. There are different varieties of this popular Indian snack but I love the complex flavors of the Bombay Mix with crispy noodles, dried lentils, nuts and peas. Oh and the semi-dry sweetness of the Sam Adams Hard Cider I picked up was the perfect combo: salty, savory, spicy and sweet! Not bad for a few dollars too.


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